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My insurance company would not insure my house until all the knob and tube    wiring was replaced. This is when I contacted Condor Electric. The friendly hardworking and dedicated workmanship was very humbling , along with providing a quality service that was on par with my budget.


Elissa Barnard 

   A shout out to Condor Electric for a great     job with our new solar panels installation.    They delivered the job on time, have great        attention to detail, wonderful customer         service and respect your property. We       would recommend them to anyone that is       looking into solar power for your home


                   Cheryl Clark 

My service switch had failed.

And I was in need for an immediate repair. As soon as I contacted

Condor Electric I was provided

with a reliable and friendly service,

and used them on my next project.


Justin Fader

  After a 5 month saga of trying to improve the  efficiency of our home heating system, we finally      got an ETS system installed yesterday. It was a      complex install - two other companies said they      couldn’t do it the way we wanted, one company      just said no, and one other wanted an extra   $1200 to upgrade our electrical system. Not only    did Donnie spend the whole day here, putting it    exactly where we wanted, at a very reasonable          price, he is super tidy! Highly recommend.


                        Nicole Conrad 

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