My service switch had failed.

And I was in need for an immediate repair. As soon as I contacted

Condor Electric I was provided

with a reliable and friendly service,

and used them on my next project.

Justin Fader - BeaverBank

My insurance company would not insure my house until all the knob and tube    wiring was replaced. This is when I contacted Condor Electric. The friendly hardworking and dedicated workmanship was very humbling , along with providing a quality service that was on par with my budget.

Elissa Barnard - Halifax

  After a 5 month saga of trying to improve the  efficiency of our home heating system, we finally      got an ETS system installed yesterday. It was a      complex install - two other companies said they      couldn’t do it the way we wanted, one company      just said no, and one other wanted an extra   $1200 to upgrade our electrical system. Not only    did Donnie spend the whole day here, putting it    exactly where we wanted, at a very reasonable          price, he is super tidy! Highly recommend.

                Nicole Conrad - Sackville

Condor electric, I cant say enough good     things about this company. I had my           service upgraded and heat pumps          installed. Every step of the way was        explained and the value is second to                              none.

           Billy Coleman - Dartmouth